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After-School Homework Pods

Our Learning Coaches meet daily with your students. Try one week free! Plans as low as $90/week. We make straight A students!

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Small Group Facilitated Learning

At My Online Study Group, we create after school small group homework “pods” facilitated by certified teachers. Our learning coaches not only work through their homework with them to ensure mastery of all material, but also plan for upcoming projects, study with them for upcoming tests, teach organizational skills, note taking, and advocacy. We cater to your student’s learning style and interests to make learning easy and fun!

Location: 1215 Park Place South, North Charleston, SC 29405

Telephone: (843) 256-6080


School Hours: M-F: 8am – 3pm

Personalized Learning

We are so much more than a tutoring service!  We believe in the power of a personalized learning experience. We started this company because we noticed teachers in public schools often have too many students to be able to focus on each child’s needs and interests. We create a personalized educational support plan for your student with a certified teacher in a one-on-one or small group setting. We can help your student reach their maximum potential, feel confident in their studies, and actually enjoy learning.


What We Do

We know how difficult it is to try and monitor your child’s education. Our service takes the burden off of you, and puts it in the hands of trained educators. Most students see a significant improvement in their grades after joining My Online Study Group.

We Are Here for Your Growth!


We offer music classes through CCMC.

Students can study piano, violin, flute, cello, viola, guitar, or beginning voice all online. We believe that creativity and music can help fuel academic studies. Private lessons include optional group classes, monthly recital, and certificate program. We are offering a free first lesson. 


Our educators serve as advocates for your student. We will serve as a liaison between the student, parents, and teachers. We will be advocates on your student’s behalf.

We want your student to succeed in the best way possible. This is done with attentive care and direction. This is what we do best.


Interested, and want to know more? We have experts and professional staff ready to accomodate you and your student. Email us to schedule an informational Zoom session.

Our Founder

Kirk Lindgren

Kirk Lindgren is an award winning teacher who taught AP Physics at the #1 high school in the country.  He is a dedicated husband to Katherine, and loving father to Anderson and Harry.  They live in North Charleston SC with their greyhoud Otis and 4 chickens.